FAQs for Attorneys

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1. What is The Forwarders List of Attorneys?

The Forwarders List of Attorneys (FLA) is a worldwide directory of premiere attorneys who specialize in commercial and consumer debt collection law. The directory has been published, uninterrupted, since 1922. It is published annually and supplements are provided at various points throughout the year. The directory is distributed to consumer creditors & issuers, collection agencies, debt buyers, manufacturers, insurances companies and numerous other businesses that issue credit or are engaged in the practice of debt collection. It is available in print and on-line format.

2. Is it beneficial for my firm to be listed in the FLA directory?

Becoming a member of FLA is a logical and effective way to grow a law firm's collection practice. FLA is not just a directory. We are a full service referral resource. FLA actively markets and promotes its members to collection industry professionals who are in need of legal services. Membership in FLA means greater opportunities for attorneys and law firms to expand their collection practice.

3. Who uses FLA?

FLA is a trusted resource for collection agencies, creditors & issuers, debt buyers, credit insurance companies, law firms, and numerous other businesses that have a debt collection matter and are in need of a referral to a local attorney. We meet these professionals through our affiliation with various trade groups and our attendance at industry conferences.

4. How does membership in FLA work?

Once an attorney has been approved for membership in FLA, the attorney's name will be included in a supplement which is distributed to FLA subscribers and thereafter included in the annual directory. When the need arises, a subscriber will either select an attorney from the supplement or directory, or contact FLA directly for a recommendation, which is most common. When a subscriber contacts FLA for a referral, FLA will determine the specific needs of the subscriber and make an introduction to an attorney that best fits the subscriber's needs. FLA has a profile for both the subscriber and the attorney, and our referrals are based on what makes sense for both parties. Because of the nature of debt collection work, one introduction has the potential of generating a continuous flow of business for the attorney for many years. FLA has a solid reputation worldwide as being a reliable collection industry matchmaker.

5. In addition to new business opportunities, what do I get with my FLA membership?

While it is not possible to provide an exhaustive list of what FLA can do to enhance an attorney's practice, we can start by saying that FLA's focus is on creating lasting business relationships between our subscribers and members. We are here to fulfill a need. Part of this focus is on providing excellent customer service to our clients. We do this by providing our members with the latest news on collection industry trends, making our members aware of industry related conferences that would benefit their business, and by providing educational and networking opportunities throughout the year. Not only is the FLA staff actively working to seek out new sources of business, we are available to answer any question our members may have with the ever changing environment of the collection industry. We keep a pulse on the industry. FLA is here to address any problem that may arise between a forwarder and law firm. We act as an intermediary and resolve the problem, whether it is with an issue on compliance, reporting or remittances.

6. What are the minimum requirements to join FLA?

Because FLA is a directory of attorneys, an applicant must be a lawyer in good standing with that state bar of his/her state. FLA requires all of its applicants to complete an application and screening process. Click here to request an application. Subscribers to FLA do not have to be an attorney and there is no application process to request a referral. A subscriber to FLA (A Forwarder) does not have to be an attorney. The vast majority of the time our Forwarders are collection agencies, creditors, debt buyers or networks.

7. What does it cost to join FLA?

Our fees vary based on a number of factors, such as geography or the type of collection work that is being sought. Click here to have an FLA representative contact you to discuss your specific needs.

8. How do I contact FLA?

FLA is accessible to its subscribers and members by phone, email, on-line, fax and in person. Click here for our contact information.

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