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Read the FAQs below to learn more about The Forwarders List of Attorneys, the services we provide, and the reliability of listed law firms.

Why Join?

Senders of files, such as collection agencies and credit grantors are not required to join Forwarders List to search law firms and send files. However, free membership allows you to share documents through our secure interface.

FAQ for Forwarders

The Forwarders List is a list of attorneys who receive collection matters from out-of-town and local collection agencies and creditors. The List is printed annually and is also available on our website. All firms are screened before they are listed, which ensures that our clients have access to the premier firms in the industry.

The Forwarders List of Attorneys can help anyone who wants or needs help in forwarding collection cases to attorneys. Collection agencies, lawyers, debt buyers, and credit managers use our list regularly.

Qualified forwarders may call 800-638-9200 or e-mail to request a copy. The directory is free to forwarders who have cases to send to listed attorneys.

The Forwarders List makes every effort to have the most up-to-date and reliable information about its attorneys. While attorneys are responsible for letting us know when their information changes, we do have regular contact with the attorneys and make every effort to update listings.

There are several ways to search the list for names of collection attorneys:

Phone: 800-638-9200
Fax: 844-381-5101

You can also request a personalized Attorney Referral fax form to use in locating attorneys.

In addition to helping you find attorneys throughout the United States, Canada and other locations, The Forwarders List can help you contact attorneys after an initial claim has been sent.

We can help you obtain status or service reports from attorneys you may have difficulty contacting.

Our Vendors section can help you find companies that provide a range of services to the collections industry. There are more than 110 advertisements for investigators, legal software, process servers and others.

The Forwarders List of Attorneys does not set collection rates for attorneys listed in the directory. Rates are negotiated between you [as the client] and the attorney. All attorneys listed will handle work on a contingency rate.

All of our listed attorneys have provided references and importantly, The Forwarders List carries a $1Million fidelity bond that covers all cases sent to attorneys listed in the directory.

To have your cases protected by the bond, you must provide information about the case that you have sent to an attorney, including your company’s name as the forwarder, the name of the firm the case is sent to, the name of the debtor, the amount of the case, and the date upon which the case was sent.

You can send your information by e-mail or by using the official coupon found in the back of The Forwarders List. A copy of the forwarding letter being sent to the attorney may also be mailed or faxed to us for bonding.

We carry this surety bond to ensure your protection and confidence in forwarding business to attorneys listed in our directory. We are in daily contact with many people in the collection industry, and the bonding coupons help us inform you about news and information that we may learn about our attorneys.

The listed attorneys and firms specialize in collections matters but many of them also handle a variety of legal matters. The best way to find out is to give us a call or ask the attorneys directly.

The Forwarders List of Attorneys carries a $1 Million surety bond through the Great American Insurance Company. We will bond any claim sent to attorneys in The Forwarders List against embezzlement or fraudulent failure to make accounting or overcharge. The length of the coverage is 36 months and can be extended for an additional 12 months. A written request for extended coverage by the forwarder is needed at the end of the initial 36 months. The bond will also cover any court costs that you may have sent to the attorney, in cases where suit was not filed. This is not malpractice insurance coverage.